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This is me. My name is Betina, and I am glad you are here. It is nice to meet you!

I was born and raised in south of Brazil, in a state called Rio Grande do Sul (that borders Uruguay). And if you know me personally, you have definitely heard my accent. When I first moved to Canada in 2018, I was absolutely embarrassed about it. Nowadays, I embrace my accent and understand that it is part of who I am.

I studied advertising, but I was always passionate about graphic design and art. I grew up drawing, taking painting classes and creating things. But I can say that since 2017 I have been really dedicating time to develop my techniques and to work with illustrations and lettering.

2017 was also the year I started to post content on my Instagram account, sharing my growth and inspiring quotes that helped me through tough times (and that I hope helped others too).

Georgia O'Keeffe quote

Oh, I am also very passionate about photography and architecture, so you might see a little bit of that on my social media too. I hope you enjoy!

Right now I have some little projects in my mind that I hope to share with you guys soon. Are you excited to see them?